- Establishment of the Company

  Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co., Ltd was established in January 2009. With a total registered capital of RMB 130 million Yuan, the company’s headquarters is located in Dongguan, Guangdong province, covering an area of 17,000 square meters including factory buildings and office area. In Beijing, a large R & D center with an area of 1,000 square meters has been established by the company. Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co., Ltd is the  enterprise undertaking specialized production of GaN substrate materials in China.

  - Talents Team

  With the Research Center for Wide Gap Semiconductor of Peking University as a technical backstop, the company has introduced outstanding technical and management teams from both domestic and international fields and established post-doctoral workstation in 2010. Up to 2016, the company’s talents team consists of 1 academician, 6 professorial staff, 13 PhD Degree holders and 22 Master’s Degree holders through which the company is equipped with advanced technology and management advantages.

  - Qualifications and Honors of the Company

  In 2009, the Sino Nitride Semiconductor Research Center Peking University was established and was approved to be one of “The First Group Innovative Research Teams” by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province in the same year. The project became one of the “Top 500 Enterprises of Modern Industries in Guangdong Province” and was awarded the title “International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province.

  In 2011, the company was awarded the title “Advanced Unit of Science & Technology Innovation and Quality Management in Guangdong Province” by the Guangdong Committee of National High-Tech Quality Supervision; in the same year the company was awarded the title “Private Scientific and Technological Enterprise in Guangdong Province” by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province and awarded the title “Backbone Enterprise of Strategic Emerging Industries in Guangdong Province” by the Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province.

  In October 2015, the company was specified as the “National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base” by the Ministry of Science and Technology and became the member unit of director of the institute of the “Guangdong Economy” magazine, the standing vice chairman unit of the Dongguan Electronic Components Association, the standing vice chairman unit of the Electronic Information Industry Association of Dongguan & Dongguan Digital Industry Association, the vice chairman unit of the Dongguan semiconductor industry, a member of the CSA National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance, and etc.

  - Main Business and Patented Technology

  The company conducts research, development and production on the following products by creatively integrating MOCVD technology, Laser Lift-Off technology and HVPE technology: (1) GaN semiconductor substrate materials, including GaN substrate, GaN/Al?O? composite substrate, patterned sapphire substrate; (2) Equipment used to produce the above products, such as Laser Lift-Off equipment, HVPE equipment, etc. The company has independent intellectual property rights to the corresponding technologies. Up to March 2018, the company has obtained 128 national patents including 44 authorized Invention Patents, 21 authorized Utility Model Patents, 1 authorized Industrial Design Patent, 60 accepted Invention Patents and 2 accepted Utility Model Patents; the company has applied for 5 PCT international invention patents and the 5 patents have acquired authorization from countries and regions including the US, Japan, South Korea, etc. The patents acquired are on international advanced level and bringing competitive advantages to the company in domestic and international competitions.

  - Development and Planning of the Company

  The company has established the specialized GaN substrate production line which is able to steadily produce free-standing GaN substrate with a thickness of 1,100 microns.

  The company’s products and technologies have reached international advanced level or even international leading level, based on which the company has established a world-class and the largest domestic production base for substrate materials & semiconductor equipment. The company is planning to enter the field of Nitride semiconductor technology R&D and production based on the substrate core technology; it aims to achieve the development of the complete industrial chain in a vertical integration structure and create a world-class and large scale scientific research and production base for semiconductor materials, and gradually progress and form a semiconductor industrial cluster with an output of tens of billions.

  - Company Culture

  Mission: Benefit the society and prosper the nation.

  Vision: Becoming a sustainable enterprise respected by the market.

  Core Business Philosophy:Uprightness and faithfulness,Passion and Innovation,Openness and responsibilities,Collaboration and efficiency, Pursuit of excellence,Knowledge and Action.

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