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Guangdong Car Magicians Yanyuan Technology Co., Ltd



Guangdong Car Magicians Yanyuan Technology Co., Ltd was established in March 2017. It is a High-Tech enterprise jointly established by Guangdong Car Magicians Information Technology Co., Ltd and the Dongguan Institute of Opto-Electronics Peking University and carries out an integration of businesses including auto components R&D, production, sales and services. Yanyuan is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake High-Tech Industrial Park; it is expending to the whole nation with the aims “leading China’s auto industry and creating the country’s self-owned brand”.

Since its establishment, Guangdong Car Magicians Yanyuan Technology Co., Ltd has gathered talents from the world and provided all-around solutions to enterprises with its advanced technology & management and rich business experiences combines with the concrete reality of domestic enterprises. It has helped enterprises improve their management standards and productivity so that the enterprises are able to maintain competitiveness in the intensive market competition and achieve fast and stable development.

The company’s scope of the businesses: Research and development, sales and online sales of related electronic products, auto parts, car beauty products, quality goods for cars; network technology, animation design, R&D, consultancy, services, transfer in information intelligence field, annual vehicle inspection, car insurance agent. (For programs subject to approval in accordance with law, operations are only allowed after obtaining permission from relevant authorities).

The company has been consistently serving car owners with “The best products, the best services and the best credibility”; it aims to become your most reliable long-term partner.

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