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Dongguan Sinoinnovo Semiconductor Lighting Co. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sino Nitride Group which was jointly established by Guangdong Guangda Group and Peking University. Based on the Group’s technological accumulation of semiconductor and application experiences of LED lighting, Dongguan Sinoinnovo Semiconductor Lighting Co. Ltd specializes in new packaging of LED as well as R&D, production and sales of LED energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting products; the company strives to provide LED lighting application solution with best economic benefits and social benefits.

Dongguan Sinoinnovo Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd is headquartered in the national High-Tech industrial development zone----Dongguan Songshan Lake. The company’s R&D team comprises the first innovative scientific research team introduced by Guangdong province and the experts and scholars from the Research Center for Wide Bandgap Semiconductor of PKU, the company is a member of the standard work team of semiconductor lighting technology in China, Guangdong High-Tech enterprise and the chairing unit of China LED Industry Alliance. The company owns R&D center and test center at Peking University and Dongguan Songshan Lake district respectively, it also has production bases of residential lamp and street lamp in Dongguan’s Songshan Lake district & Qishi Town and Zhongshan City as well. Currently the company has more than 200 workers and 40 engineering and technical personnel.

Sinoinnovo’s semiconductor lighting products have acquired certifications from a number of national competent authorities including certification of safety & reliability tests and quality authentication. The products are listed on the recommended products catalog of LED-BMT of Guangdong province and the purchasing catalog of green lighting model city of Guangdong province. The company’s products have been used in projects across the market of South China and North China including the lighting project for cultural relic at Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang of Gansu, underground parking of T3 of Capital Airport, Huabin Manor Club (Beijing), Lingshan Scenic Area at Luoyang of Henan, Dongguan Jian’an Group Co., Ltd, the shopping street at Times of the Lake, Dongguan Caiyi Department Store Co. Ltd and Huizhou Guangda Cement Factory, etc.


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