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Special Training Camp for Management Associates from Dongguan Sino Nitride & Dongguan Sino Crystal: Strong Support to Accelerate Growth!

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High Energy ahead…….

In order to catch up with the training camp, a wave of handsome young people with fire like enthusiasm, sunshine loveliness, versatility, and whom everyone likes, arrived at Dongguan Sino Nitride Semiconductor Co., Ltd and Dongguan Sino Crystal Semiconductor Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “Sino Nitride Semiconductor”, “Sino Crystal Semiconductor”) in late July. 

What is this training camp for management associates actually about? It is making the 2018 management associates from Sino Nitride Semiconductor & Sino Crystal Semiconductor come to it one group after another. 

|Group Photo

Special Training Camp for Management Associates from Sino Nitride & Sino Crystal

Hero ranking list: ranked No. 1

Place of birth: Sino Nitride Semiconductor & Sino Crystal Semiconductor

Age: confidential

Time online: from July 23rd 2018 to August 23rd 2018

Target group: Management associates for the year 2018

Positioning: Bossy dad

Specialty: To facilitate the transformation of the role of 2018 management associates from Sino Nitride Semiconductor & Sino Crystal Semiconductor, increase work skills, and eventually form a team of high efficiency, unity, hard work and innovation to meet the company's future challenges!

Ability of supporting: 5 stars

Attack & damage: 1 star

Skill effects: 5 stars

Hero strategy: 5 strategies

Strategy one: outdoor team development in Guanyin Mountain

Early in the morning of July 24th, the management associates gathered in the team development base in Guanyin Mountain and were prepared to start a day with their full energy. The team development training project with the theme “The joining of new vitality glows new energy” also opened its heavy curtain. The team development project includes “top speed 60 seconds”, “trust buttock”, “seven piece puzzle”, and “dynamic circle”. The management associates gathered their strength in the shouting, establishing trust when catching their companions time and time again, understanding the importance of persistence when trying over and over again. The management associates were aspersing sweat in the team development and harvesting the friendship; they were thinking in two and half sentences, changing, and the step toward the future is more firm. Skills acquired in strategy one: team trust, collaboration, overall outlook and persistence……




Splendid Moments in Outdoor Team Development

Strategy two: Class committee and study group 

On July 25, the 2018 management associates attended the first class meeting. This class aims to elect the class committee and form study groups. Under the exciting speech and PK, a team of class leader and study group leaders was formed. In future study life, class committee members and study group leaders relate would unite the management associates from various regions closely, providing assistance in training and organizing study activities. Skills acquired in strategy two: if three of us walking together, at least one is good enough to be my teacher; it is more wonderful to study together!


|Class meeting photos

Strategy three: centralized classroom training

During the period from July 26th to August 23rd, the general manager’s office organized the best lecturers from Sino Nitride Semiconductor & Sino Crystal Semiconductor to provide training courses of nine modules and two dimensions covering corporate cultures, communication, career change, R&D, HVPE, epitaxial, chips, etc. The lecturers explained profound knowledge in simple language allowing the management associates to have a full range of knowledge about semiconductor industry, companies' products, work skills, career changes and so on. The skills acquired in strategy three: self-awareness, workplace skills, professional knowledge, the latest industry information…..

|Lecturers’ elegant demeanor 

Strategy four: One to one coaching

As the saying goes, it is better to teach a man to fish than giving the man a fish. Every management associate has an outstanding coach. At work, they are good teachers of skills. In life, they are always good friends caring about the management associates. Under the guidance of their coaches, the management associates changed their mentality, mastered more knowledge and skills, and gradually adapted to the working rhythm of Sino Nitride Semiconductor & Sino Crystal Semiconductor. The skills acquired in strategy four: job awareness, job skills…..

|Workshop photo

Strategy five: warm heart soup


On July 28 the management associates gathered in training room No. 2 at Sino Nitride Semiconductor to attend a forum. The heads of the coaches, general manager Sun and director Xu, the head of the general manager’s office also attended the forum in person and had a thorough understanding of the thoughts of the management associates and their study and work; they listened closely to the management associates about their feeling, confusion and demand in their work and life; more importantly, the forum let the management associates understand the current status and future development plans of Sino Nitride Semiconductor & Sino Crystal Semiconductor, and guided the management associates to integrate their personal goals with the development of the company. At the sharing session titled “Appointment with Nitride People”, 4 outstanding “Nitride people” shared their growth path, the difficulties they faced and the inspiration they acquired, and the management associates greatly benefited from the sharing. Standing on the shoulders of giants enables one to stand higher and go further. Skills acquired in strategy five: the power of role models, the ability to grow at work, and the ability to use logic to solve problems……



|Splendid moments


Upon completion of the program of the special training camp, management associates submitted their learning reports. In their words, we felt that the transformation and growth have been happening. The special training camp which plays a supporting role has completed its mission, in the front, the horn is sounding, and the management associates would have to go back to their work and face the challenges of the work with a new appearance. Wish them grow together with the company on their new positions. 

Integrity, intelligence, diligence

Sturdiness, self - examination and optimism

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